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Summer of Style

Summer of Style

Women's swimsuit padding enhancers


Everyone wants to feel confident poolside, but it can be a challenge while wearing a barely-there bikini. To help you become swimsuit season ready we have listed some of our best tips.
Moisturize. We know you will be sure to apply sunscreen prior to hitting the pool or beach, but don’t forget to moisturize! It is important to regularly apply lotion to keep your skin looking hydrated and smooth. After all, a swimsuit covers very little and your skin will be on full display. Additionally, if you are keen to the tanned look, give bronzing moisturizers a try. We highly recommend Jergens Natural Glow because it gives you a gradual tan that develops after a few days of use and it looks very natural.
Exfoliate. Another way to achieve smooth, sleek skin is to exfoliate. A shower scrub, followed by a moisturizer will leave your skin looking healthy and fresh by removing any dry or scaly patches. We highly recommend using exfoliating shower gloves. You can purchase them nearly anywhere (drugstores/Amazon/Target/beauty shops) for under $10 and they make exfoliating a breeze since you simply rub problem areas in the shower while wearing the gloves. In case you’re unsure on which gloves to buy, here’s a link to a pair of good SHOWER GLOVES on Amazon.

Don’t forget your feet. Your feet endure a lot of wear and tear, don’t forget to show them some love prior to heading to the pool. Use a pumice stone to exfoliate the pads of your feet and your heels to remove dry, cracked skin. Clean up your toes and apply a fun, fresh coat of polish.

Waterproof your makeup routine. Unless you plan on only sunbathing, it would be a good idea to waterproof your makeup routine. Less is more when putting on makeup for the pool or beach. Choose a few items to naturally enhance your look and avoid applying a full-face. Make sure each makeup item you use can stand up to heat, water, and sweat.

Consider your hairstyle. Ponytails, braids, or simple updos are a great beach day option. You will likely want your hair up off of your neck and pulled back to avoid any frizz or crazy tan lines. Voluminous hair with lots of product or heavily straightened hair may prove difficult to maintain while at the pool or beach. For those with shorter styles, chic headbands make an awesome swimsuit accessory.

Try on many different suits. Even though it is near to the end of our list, this may be one of the most important tips. To feel your best in your swimsuit, select one that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Try on many different suits in many different cuts and styles. There are so many bathing suit options on the market you are bound to find one that compliments your body type and fashion sense. This season we have been loving the swimsuit selections from RVCA. Most their tops have built-it pockets that are perfect for adding Epiphany LA padding inserts.

Get a great coverup. Even if you have selected the perfect swimsuit, there will be some times in which you will want to cover up. Whether it is to protect your skin from the sun, take a stroll along the shore, or hide that post-burger bloat, a cover-up has got you covered! Like swimsuits, there are many colors, cuts, and styles of cover-ups to choose from.
These tips should leave you feeling like a water-ready goddess. However, if you are looking to add a little something extra to your poolside style consider the addition of a push-up insert. We at Epiphany LA want every woman to be able to achieve the natural, lifted look they desire comfortably. Our swimsuit pads have a contoured shape and provide ample support and uplift. No matter which swimsuit style you choose, our inserts slip seamlessly into bathing suit pockets. For an additional information about our inserts, visit our SHOP page.

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