Choosing the Best Swimsuit to Flatter Your Body

Choosing the Best Swimsuit to Flatter Your Body

There’s a swimsuit out there for nearly every body shape and size; it’s just a matter of finding your perfect style. In today’s market there are so many different types of swimsuit designs. There’s everything from tankinis, and racerback athletic cuts to high-waisted vintage peplum and cheeky bottoms.
Swimwear has evolved and it’s designed to embrace many different body types and give every woman the confidence she deserves at the beach. You can now find your go-to swimsuit that will leave you feeling comfortable and body positive.
If you have a smaller, flatter bottom opt for swimsuits with some added frills. Swimsuits with ruffles or ruching will give the appearance of a bigger, curvier lower half. Cheeky style swimsuits are also kinder to smaller bottomed girls than full coverage suits, so feel free to show a little more skin! For those with a toned tush Luli Fama brazilian style bottoms are always on trend.
If you have the opposite body type with a full and curvy behind, consider a swimsuit bottom with a little more coverage. String bikinis can be flattering if they contain enough fabric so that you are not constantly tugging. High cut bottoms can also be good as long as they’re not too revealing or constricting. A good tip is to pair your solid swimsuit bottom with a printed top to draw eyes away from a full-figured derrière and help to balance out your body.
Ladies with an athletic body type usually have less curves and a more compact figure. If this is you, select a suit with padding and cups on top to give the appearance of voluptuousness. Ruffles, ruching, and twisted tops will help to add some drama and dimension. Asymmetrical tops, halters, or scooped necklines will draw attention away from broad shoulders. As for your bottom, you can wear almost any style. Consider a suit from L*Space, a well-known retailer of chic designs, playful prints and vibrant colors. A well-defined behind can be flattered by cheeky style bottoms, a high-waisted suit, or even a string bikini.
If you are curvy and full figured you will likely want a suit that is comfortable, supportive, and holds you in. Retro style one piece or two pieces can accentuate a full bust and hips while giving you adequate coverage at the same time. Mod Cloth offers some wonderful vintage inspired suits. Asymmetrical tops help the eye travel down the line of the body, highlighting an hourglass figure.  Suits with bra style cups can provide excellent lift and security, just be sure to select a large enough cup and band size, sometimes even going up a cup size for ample support.
For a big bust, mixing and matching tops and bottoms that are sold separately will likely be your best bet. You want to select a top with supportive cups and wide straps to hold you up and in. Deep V-neck suits can really highlight your cleavage. String bikinis may be alluring on plus size models featured on magazine covers, but in reality, they are not practical. Switching up your strap style between racerback, halter, and traditional, will help to give your neck and shoulders a break.
Smaller chested girls have a few more options as they are not constrained by the need for support. However, it can be a challenge to attain cleavage with a slender figure. Choose a swimsuit with ruffles or frilled fabric to add the appearance of more volume. One of the best and easiest options for creating cleavage are padded inserts. Push-up swimsuit inserts can be slipped into the pocket of your bathing suit top and will lift your chest upwards and inwards. Those with a sturdy design, like Epiphany LA inserts, can withstand water, sun, and even a game of beach volleyball. Push-up bra pads are a simple solution that can be applied to any style of suit that you plan to rock.
Once you have found a swimsuit that highlights your assets and supports your figure, play around with colors and prints. There are so many cute bathing suits available, you may just need to pack a different suit for each day of your trip!
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