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Question: How do I know which size to purchase?

Answer: Our cups run true to size for a 34A, 34B, 34C, and 34D. If you like to wear teeny tiny swimsuit tops, we would advise buying a cup size smaller than you normally wear. Please refer to our sizing chart on the "SHOP" page for band sizes 32, 36, and 38. Our sizing chart is the last image in the product photos.


Question: Are your cup sizes similar to any brands I may know?

Answer: Yes, Victoria’s Secret.


Question: How much extra volume can I expect from this insert?

Answer: Our inserts are specifically designed to increase you by a full cup size! This is a push-up cup so you can expect some extra lift and cleavage. The padding tapers off at the edges so everything will look very natural.


Question: What if my swimsuit doesn't have a pocket? Can I still use this insert?

Answer: Yes, you can. Most swim tops have two fabric layers so you can cut a small slit on the inside layer of your swimsuit and slip our padding in that way. We recommend making the slit very small (about 2cm) in the bottom center portion of each side of the swim top. Watch the video on this page for a demonstration on how to do this. Please do this at your own risk.


Question: Can I wear these inserts in water?

Answer: Yes! They are made of foam and specifically deigned to be worn in water.


Question: What's your return policy?

Answer: You can return your inserts for ANY reason as long as they are unworn and the pink box is still in brand new condition (please put it back in the clear plastic bag before shipping). On a piece of paper, include your order number and a 1 sentence note describing the reason for your return (we want your feedback!). You have 30 days to make the return.


Returns should be sent to: 


360 West 132nd Street

Los Angeles, CA 90061



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