Curating Your Gym Style

Curating Your Gym Style

You work hard for your toned physique, so don’t overlook curating a gym wardrobe that makes you look your absolute best. Looking the part makes you feel the part, so we say a fashionable gym wardrobe is important! So how do you find the perfect ensemble to showcase your weekly gym grind?


Having a smaller sized chest can be a plus for some workouts, such as cardio kickboxing or HIIT training. But unfortunately, having an A-cup means most compression sports bras will effectively diminish any curves you may have had. Sports bras and sportswear are designed to provide maximum support and lockdown your chest to minimize any movement that may cause pain. During box jumps and burpees, you certainly don’t want to be bouncing out of your top but neither do you want to return to the flat-chested days of your youth.


The Nike Women’s Pro Classic1 padded sports bra does a nice job of supplying you with a little push-up while maintaining enough support and security for medium impact activities. Racerback bras, offer lift, drawing the chest upwards and inwards. Tops with wide front-straps lift upwards, and the racerback strap angle helps to pull your chest inwards and create cleavage.



Padded sports bras can provide extra support and volume for your upper half. It is best to select a bra or top with removable pads so that they may be washed separately in order to thoroughly rid them of any sweat and odors. However, few sports bras offer a true push-up insert. Instead, most offer a thin padding with an all-over thickness that could hardly be referred to as a padded insert. Because of this, it may make sense to invest in a quality pair of push-up inserts sold separately from a sports bra or swim top. Such inserts, like those of Epiphany LA, will seamlessly slide into your sports bra while making you look and feel incredible.


Once you have the perfect supportive and shapely top, there are a few other aspects you can focus on when picking a workout outfit. Take a break from the sweatpants and try out a pair of slim-fitting exercise leggings. Nothing accentuates your toned curves quite like form-fitting exercise wear. Fabletics has some great options with various levels of compression to choose from. Our favorites are the Oaisis High-waisted Pocket 7/8. They come in pop coral that’s to die for and they even have a pocket for your phone! Yoga pants will elongate your legs, making you look lean and slim. Pair them with a sports bra for a truly sporty look or with a flowy tee for a hint of demure.


Spice up your fitness wardrobe by venturing into colorful outfits. Black is indeed slimming, but with all the hard work you’ve put in, you can afford to try out bright colors and interesting prints! Opt for a wild pattern or a lively color to get you excited about making time for the gym. Feel free to select bright, attention calling colors or bold prints that you normally wouldn’t choose to wear anywhere else. You can go with a matching set, mix tops and bottoms that complement one another, or choose a muted pant with a striking top. When you have fun and flirty workout outfits to wear, you may just feel more motivated to hit the treadmill.


But don’t let your chic style end with your clothes. Choose a shoe that will power you through your workout and complement your outfit. Today’s market offers a wide variety of athletic footwear for all types of activities. Nike has some splurge-worthy pieces of equipment that are available in many different colors. One of our favorites is the Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 in Pink Quartz. Choosing an appropriate shoe, perhaps even in a neutral color, will protect you from injury, support you through your workout, and become the perfect accessory to any ensemble.


If you plan on taking the subway or walking a few blocks to the gym in your sports bra or athletic top, then you may want to purchase a jacket or hoodie to cover up for the journey. Just because you are covered up doesn’t mean you can’t flaunt all of the hard work you have put in for your physique! Choose a jacket or hoodie that hugs your curves and has a slim fit. A jacket can also be unzipped to the waist to give off a more curvaceous look. If you feel like being more snuggly, opt for an oversized hoodie with tights. The billowy sweatshirt on top will accentuate the length of your legs and cause them to appear slimmer.


The major components of your outfit are complete but don’t forgo accessories. For your safety and the well-being of your pieces, the gym may not be the place to wear your typical jewelry. However, there are a few additions you can make to your ensemble that will serve a greater purpose than just fashion. Many fitness watches come in cute colors such as rose gold and white and can help you keep track of your heart rate while still looking trendy. Totes and gym bags in a plethora of designs can be coordinated to match your outfit, and the same goes for an armband or belt to hold your phone.


Finally, show some extra love to your locks. You will want your hair up and out of the way. Spring for a cute scrunchy or brushed metal accent hair tie. Skip the dangly earrings and necklaces so they do not become tangled in your hair or in a machine.


A supportive and padded top is the foundation of a gym outfit that will have you feeling chic in your own skin and coming back for more. Keep yourself motivated and show off all of your hard work with fun and flirty pieces that get you the attention you deserve.


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