My Little Swimsuit Secret

My Little Swimsuit Secret

By Megan Moore
With so many swimsuit styles on the market, it can be hard to find one that fits comfortably and flatters your figure. Even though swimsuits come in different sizes they often don’t provide the support and lift you need. Ever notice how that large-sized cup is designed and manufactured in exactly the same way as the small-sized cup?
Whether you are an A cup or a C cup it is likely that your swimsuit top doesn’t give you a lift, leaving your chest a little droopy and unsupported. I want to feel confident poolside, looking naturally and effortlessly curvy, and I am sure you do too.
I could choose an underwire cup swimsuit but honestly, sometimes they drive me crazy! I want to be comfortable in the water and underwire just digs in. Rigid cup swimsuits definitely give me the shape I am looking for but usually, that means sacrificing a flexible and comfy fit.
Wide, adjustable straps are helpful, but they only go so far. A halter swimsuit is a great option for customizing your level of cleavage but for small chests getting the lift you desire from a halter may result in a painfully tight tie on your neck. Large chested women may find a little support in a halter, but likely not enough to provide that sense of security while maintaining optimal uplift.
After trying on the millionth bathing suit it can be tempting to just call it a day. Or, I can let you in on my little swimsuit secret.
After having my kids, my once perky C cups still required a C cup sized suit, but now had dramatically less volume. Regular swimsuit cups, with their flimsy traditional padding, weren’t cutting it and I often felt that my chest was falling out on the sides. I wanted something that would allow me to feel secured and curvaceous. Enter, Epiphany LA inserts.padding insertThese inserts beat out all other push-up pads in terms of shape, support, and comfort. They seamlessly slipped into my bathing suit and gave me some much-needed volume and cleavage, something I hadn’t been able to achieve since my pre-baby body days.
Once the padding inserts were in the swimsuit pocket, no one could tell I had some extra oomph courtesy of the push-up enhancers. The padded hearts inside follow the natural curve of my breasts and maximize lift. With tapered edges, they blend into the bathing suit top perfectly. Better yet, no squeezing underwire or stiff cups. Hallelujah!
If these bra inserts can provide natural looking curves to a mom bod, then you can bet they will give any gal the voluptuous chest they have been searching for.
Some girls can definitely get away with the bralette look, I wish I could! But like most of my friends, I needed a little assistance with lifting everything upward and inward. In my experience, regular swimsuit tops just left them flat, like nearing the dreaded “pancake look” flat.
Now that I have found my secret weapon in Epiphany LA inserts, I can choose nearly any swimsuit top knowing that my swimsuit pads can customize my bathing suit’s support and lift. Shopping is so much more enjoyable when I get to focus on cut, style, and pattern rather than whether or not the suit will be able to hold your chest up and in. No bathing suit design is off-limits!
If you are looking for the freedom to choose practically any bathing suit without having to compromise on support and that enhanced look, I highly recommend a pair of Epiphany LA padded inserts.
Article by:
Megan Moore, 30, mother of two, avid swimmer & runner, part-time blogger


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