Postpartum Swimsuit Confidence

Postpartum Swimsuit Confidence

After giving birth to a bundle of joy, most women’s bodies are drastically different from what they were pre-baby. It took nine months to grow your little one and it will probably take just as long, if not longer, for your body to return to normal. However, your postpartum body is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. It just did something amazing and those stretch marks and loose skin are proof of that. Nevertheless, trying on swimwear can be a discouraging endeavor as most women can still envision exactly how a swimsuit appeared and felt on their pre-baby physique.


Postpartum bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Nursing moms have likely gone up a cup size or two, and post-breastfeeding mom's breasts can require extra support and lift. The good news is that there is a large variety of swimsuits available.


The first step in finding your perfect swimsuit is loving your body. You deserve to feel just as confident at the pool or the beach as anyone else. Give yourself a break mama; it took months for all those changes to appear and they will not disappear overnight. You earned your new marks, so try not to let your body hang-ups dissuade you from enjoying the water, sun, and sand.


If you are looking for support for your postpartum pooch as well as a stylish way to cover it, consider control swimwear. Control swimwear is specifically designed to hold in your stomach area and/or bust with sturdy and supportive materials and boning. Additionally, well-placed ruching can disguise any bulging or lumps. J. Crew’s ruched femme one-piece swimsuit is a preferred choice among moms.


 Lululemon Tied to Tide Swim Bottom


Another popular style for those desiring to conceal their midsection is a blouson-type one piece. Blouson describes a top that is loose but drawn in at the waist, causing the fabric to blouse out and fall over the waistband. This style is very conducive to hiding a postpartum stomach as it billows away from the midsection and is not form fitting. Blouson type suits can come in a tankini style or as a one-piece.


Just because you are a mom, don’t feel limited to a tankini or one-piece; you can certainly still rock a bikini. Two-piece swimsuits can be a flattering and supportive option.


A high-waisted bikini can provide a little more coverage than a string or cheeky bottom. These retro style suits can also provide you with support for your middle. They work well to discreetly cover any stretch marks, or anything else that you may be uncomfortable with. Left on Friday, from the creators of Lululemon, offers smoothing coverage with their Tied to Tide bottoms pictured above.


Your swimsuit top should offer support and lift. It may be best to opt for under-wire cups or cups with a sturdy design. Whether or not you breastfeed, your chest will go through a period of expansion and then unfortunately deflation.


There are swimsuits created especially for nursing moms so you may breastfeed your little one discreetly and easily. However, nursing in a regular swimsuit is often simple.


Molded tops and wide straps will lift your chest upwards and inwards, negating any sagging. Padded inserts can also be used to return your cleavage to its voluptuous pre-baby appearance. Push-up swimsuit inserts, like Epiphany LA inserts, are effortlessly slipped into the pocket of your bathing suit top and provide a seamless boost. They craft the inserts to withstand everything from building sandcastles with your little one to splashing in the surf.


Most importantly, wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and great about yourself. It is natural to experience a bit of self-consciousness upon donning your first swimsuit postpartum. But it will pass. A tip is to try on multiple suits until you find one that allows you to feel like the strong and confident mama you really are. 


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