Swimsuit Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Swimsuit Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Everyone wants to look awesome in a swimsuit but it's hard to find the perfect style for your body, in the color you were looking for, that's on trend, AND fits in your budget.


So. Many. Factors.


Once you find that perfect suit, you notice that you don't look quiet as curvy as you did when you were wearing your trusty push-up bra (right?!) Eeeek. Most swim tops have minimal padding or none at all which doesn't help the girls upstairs look any better. Why do swimsuit designers not realize that we want more padding?! There is a reason why basically every girl on the planet had a Victoria's Secret push-up swimsuit at some time in their life— because it made our chest look amazing, duh.


So, as the search for the perfect swimsuit continues we have a solution to keep your breasts looking just as good as they do in your regular bra— introducing Epiphany LA inserts. These inserts can be slipped into the pocket of your swim top and they blend in seamlessly so that no one can tell you've added some extra padding. Hallelujah! We have tried on so many inserts and most of them have a horrible shape (pointy, lumpy, too small, too big etc). Our Epiphany LA inserts come in four cup sizes (A, B, C, and D) so you can get your exact cup size. What a concept! (Sarcastic cough). 


And we know the no bra/nipple look is in, but unless you're model thin and have perky size A or size B boobs, this just isn't very flattering. Hey, by all means, if you can rock it, do it! But for the majority of us, we would like some extra assistance here. These padding inserts do the trick for adding volume, lift, and push-up. Trust us, they are life-changing.


Don't have a pocket in your swim top? Don't worry! Most swimsuits are two layers, so you can cut a small slit on the inside layer of your top and slip the insert in that way. To keep the slit from opening further, you can put some clear nail polish on the edges of the fabric where you made the slit. When you do this be very careful not to get polish on the outside layer of your suit because it may discolor it. We recommend slipping a post-it size piece of paper into the slit to create a barrier between the two layers... And that's it!


Now you have taken a swim top with no padding and transformed it into a push-up padded, super supportive, cup-size increasing masterpiece! We would love to hear your feedback and thoughts on these inserts. Leave your comments below!


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