Gym Attire

Gym Attire

It’s a familiar feeling, the rush of removing the tag with a snip, or pulling off the label on a new outfit after purchasing it, then envisioning how amazing you will look. It’s one of the reasons responsible for that shopper's high and why the shopping experience can be both thrilling and addicting.


The next morning, you are up before your alarm because your new wardrobe is calling your name and you can’t wait to flaunt it. You know you will have a great day because you’re about to put on a feel-good, and look-even-better, outfit. Well, your gym attire is no different and some new gear might motivate you to get to the gym and propel you through a grueling workout. There are many ways a new outfit can make you feel fashionable all while improving your performance.


When you have activewear that makes you feel great, your mindset shifts to valuing self-care and making exercise a priority. Select a flattering top and slimming leggings that show off just the right amount of curves and this, in turn, could be just the inspiration you need to not skip another Soul Cycle class.


Your mom always told you, “dress for success”, and the old adage applies to the gym as well. Choose pieces that will provide support, comfort, and are made out of breathable, moisture-wicking materials. Materials like cotton don’t make the best workout clothes, performance wear is made out of materials that pull away moisture and keep you cool. You also want your gym attire to be supportive and comfortably pull in your chest.


It is best to choose a sports bra based on your activity as they can be designed for low impact, medium impact, and high impact workouts. Then find your band size and cup size and choose which type of cup style you desire. Compression style bras will definitely hold your breasts down securely in order to minimize movement, but they will also give you a flat-chested appearance. To maintain a little feminine allure, stick with an encapsulation style bra for low to medium impact activities.


Encapsulation style sports bras provide a separate cup for each breast and maintain a natural-looking form. They won’t compress your chest but will support and surround both sides of your chest. For some added lift and support consider a padded insert. Padded inserts can slip seamlessly into your sports bra cup and provide natural-looking fullness and lift. They can be washed with your laundry to remove sweat, and they are sturdy enough that they will retain their shape. Epiphany LA makes an exceptionally versatile padded insert that is made of lightweight breathable foam.


Don’t forget about your lower half. Running, spinning, and squatting can all be made exponentially harder if you have to continually stop to adjust sagging leggings. The ideal workout bottoms, whether leggings, shorts, or capris will have a high waist to prevent slipping or sagging. You have worked hard for your figure, so some sleek, form-fitting bottoms will highlight your efforts, as well as keep you focused on your reps and not on readjusting. Quality workout clothes can give you a psychological boost in addition to their physical benefits. When you feel confident about yourself, you perform better.


A relatively new term, “enclothed cognition” refers to how you feel when wearing a certain outfit. If your daring red racerback tank and sleek black leggings make you feel powerful, it may just be because you choose a color and style that ooze power and confidence.


Your clothing may just influence your actions and behaviors because of what the colors, styles, and patterns you choose represent. Clothing can have a symbolic meaning, so put on that strappy Lululemon deep stretch tank and flirty yoga pants, and nail that Bikram session!


Enclothed cognition can actually influence your performance as well. Depending on what color outfit you choose, you may just outperform the competition. Those that wear black tend to play and act more aggressively and those that wear red tend to do better in competitions. Bright and vibrant colors can give your energy levels a boost, while dark colors keep you focused and ready for a serious butt-kicking workout. The next time you have a high energy HIIT class on the schedule, put on a colorful pattern for a confidence boost. If you have a mentally and physically tough strength training session, choose a black or dark blue to remain focused and strong.


Whether it’s the color influencing your attitude and actions, or the intimidation factor, try out something bold during your next cardio kickboxing session to knock out the competition. Your choice of activewear can keep you motivated, change your attitude and even help you stay on top, but it should also keep you safe.


If your running shoes are torn at the soles, it’s time to say sayonara. Likewise, if your sports bra is stretching and no longer supportive, it is time for a new one. A worn-out top or sports bra can’t provide you with the support and protection you need for impact activities like box jumps and burpees. You risk causing your breast painful bouncing and jolting, not to mention sacrificing volume and lift. It’s well worth it to invest in quality athletic attire that will keep you protected while looking damn sexy. The perfect trendy gym outfit may be just the thing to get you ready for that five am workout or prevent you from skipping the gym after work. A carefully curated athletic ensemble will keep you cool, comfortable, supported, and showcase the results of all of your hard work.






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